plant oils and aromatherapy

  • Cinnamon bark Essential Oil Profile

    Cinnamon bark essential oil is warming and revitalizing. When diffused it is a powerful antiseptic and stimulant to the respiratory system. When applied topically (at a very low dosage) it supports the digestive system and eases spasms. Cinnamon is one of the oldest […] View Post
  • Hinoki Essential Oil Profile

    Hinoki essential oil is available as Chamaecyparis obtusa (Japanese oil) as well as Chamaecyparis formosensis, known as Taiwan Hinoki Essential Oil. Both oils are quite different yet called Hinoki.

    Hinoki Essential Oil is uplifting, cleansing, comforting and it promotes calmness and relaxation.

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  • Clove buds Essential Oil Profile

    Clove buds essential oil is a strong antiseptic oil for airborne bacteria and can be sued for the skin and gums, although it must be used heavily diluted. Clove oil is a very potent and should be used with care. It […] View Post
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil Profile

    Cedarwood atlas is a wonderfully calming and grounding oil that helps with anxiety, tension. it is also very useful with combination skin, acne as a deodorant. Cedarwood Atlas, which grows mainly on the Atlantic side of Moroccan mountains is grounding, strengthening, warming and comforting. This oil […]

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  • Palmarosa Essential Oil Profile

    Palmarosa essential oil is very beneficial when applied on the skin, because of its healing and skin regenerative properties. It is used for acne, dermatitis, minor skin infections, and fungal infections.

    When diffused, Palmarosa's aroma is soothing yet uplifting; it helps with nervous exhaustion, stress, anxiety. 

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  • Eucalyptus Smithii Essential oil Profile

    Eucalyptus smithii is the mildest of the eucalyptus oils and is used with children and, elderly and fragile people.

    It is a gentle antiseptic; it aids the respiratory system by opening the airways and clearing mucus. It is a gentle relief for stiff joints and muscle aches.

    Eucalyptus smithii is well tolerated on the skin.

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