Plant-based Skincare Goodness

Skillfully formulated.

Sustainably made.

Plant + Science-based.

The journey of each of our products starts with sourcing the ingredients selected for their freshness, quality, vibrancy, efficacy and sustainability.

The formulations and production are done by us within an Ecocert Certified Lab in Thailand, using patented and well-reseached active ingredients as well as wholesome botanicals sourced as much as possible, locally.

That's why we are confident in what our skincare can deliver. 

It all started with two oils

Native Essentials was born over twelve years ago as my "sensory travel diary".

My dream was to create a wellness collection of high-performance skincare products made with sustainable native plants and recreate the textures, colours, aromas of the beauty treatments I experienced during my travels.

The first product I made was a skin repair oil; I blended Rosehip, that reminded me home, Italy, with Lavender, from a farm I visited when I was living in New Zealand. I realised that truly effective skincare is a combination of great ingredients, targeted actives, and a good formulation. Native Essentials is now all of that - a plant-based skincare collection that combines the best of sustainable botanicals with green tech.

From my kitchen then, with nothing but passion and a dream to now, with a collection of fourteen high-performance products I hope you enjoy.

Daniela, Founder of Native Essentials

Ancient Beauty Wisdom

Our skincare is inspired by traditional beauty rituals and exotic native plants from all over the world.

We have carefully chosen exquisite essential oils, pure native botanicals, and high-performance, natural, active ingredients, not only for their ability to deliver results but also for their sensory powers.