Simplified Skincare Routine



No more layering too many products, no more lengthy beauty routines, no more expensive skincare product combinations. Less is more.


By breaking skincare down to WATER and OIL, we've created a simplified beauty routine with supercharged and versatile products that adapt to your skin's needs, day by day. 


Identify your skin type, then your skin condition and build your own beauty routine. Here is how it works:




 STEP 1 | hydrate + deliver antioxidants 

Give your skin deep + continuous hydration to be more plump, healthy, and more resilient to irritants and environmental stress.


Deliver powerful antioxidants all the way down to the dermis to support healthy cell regeneration, collagen production, delay ageing and strengthen the skin to prevent damage from pollution, extreme weather and temperature fluctuation.  


After cleansing, start your daily routine with a boost of hydration, no matter the skin type or condition. Use  ÏISHAEor NAÃ depending on your skin type and condition.


At night, layer any water-based serum before a moisturiser or facial oil.  



STEP 2 | nourish + deliver vitamins

Your skin needs nourishment to support the regeneration of building blocks of healthy cell membranes + protection to boost the skin's natural oil barrier. 


Complete your routine with a concentrate of vitamins, essential fatty acids and precious botanical extracts to restore the skin's radiance and health. 


At night, layer ÏISHAEor NAàfirst depending on your skin type and condition , then a facial oil AZUR, SHAANT, or KORU.





STEP 1 | exfoliate 

Your skin needs gentle exfoliation to shred off dead skin to be able to optimize skincare absorption. 


Start your weekly routine with SOLE, a plant-based chemical and physical exfoliant. Best if used at Night / once a week.


STEP 2 | mask

Your skin needs gentle deep cleansing and conditioning without stripping your skin of its protective layer.


Complete your weekly routine with CHUN, a clay moisturising mask with added probiotic and antioxidant actives. Preferably at Night / once a week.




Why layering water + oil works

A balanced combination of water and oil is all it takes for your skin to thrive. Without the lipids found in face oils, a water-based product will only hydrate and deliver antioxidants to the surface of your skin. Still, it will be unable to sustain the cell renewal process and provide essential vitamins and fatty acids.

Using oil-based facial oils without water, meanwhile, stresses and clogs the skin, causing your skin to produce too much sebum and break out. This approach also defeats the purpose of using the oil in the first place: it leaves skin dehydrated, creating a barrier that will prevent your skin from absorbing the oil effectively.

By layering – apply water first and add oil on top – you boost the production of collagen and elastin, those proteins that are vital to keeping skin supple, youthful and wrinkle-free. This way, your skin gets hydrated at a deep level, and antioxidants go precisely where you need them most.

Create your personalized, powerful combinations of water + oil for your ultimate, tailored skin routine.




Hang on: is layering water-based products first and oil serums for last important?

Oh yes! It's all down to the way your skin absorbs nutrients and how far antioxidants can penetrate it.


So always follow this order: small molecules first (water = toners, essences, serums, light moisturisers) and larger ones (oils, rich moitsurisers, balms).



And what about exfoliation + masking - before or after my serum + oil?

Exfoliation is crucial to healthy and glowing skin, ideally once a week. By shedding dead skin cells with an exfoliant, we prepare the skin to absorb the skincare you apply and to make it work hard for you.

Masking is you go-to for deep cleansing and skin conditioning; exfoliate first, then mask and your skin will be ready for your serum + oil or serum + moisturiser.

So if you exfoliate, don't forget to mask. Your skin will thank you.




Multi-action skincare?  

With advanced formulations and smart combinations of active ingredients, you can treat your skin type and condition with high-performance skincare that works faster, with fuss free and easy applications.


And psst - you save by purchasing less products and you are kind to the planet.

Check out why Native Essentials is truly supercharged multi-action skincare.




Your skin needs a unique ratio of water + oil to be healthy and delay ageing. Your own skin diet, day by day.


Many factors can affect your skin and what it needs to be effectively hydrated, nourished, and repaired -  age, diet, stress, fitness, environment, hormonal changes.

Traditional skincare offers one solution for every day, without allowing you to decide how much water or oil your skins needs day by day.

Some days your skin feels very dehydrated, some others dull or in need of a vitamin boost; our range of essentials allows you of choose to adjust the amount of serum your skin needs or how much night nourishment with our facial oils.


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