Skincare Routine, Simplified

SHAKE UP YOUR SKINCARE ROUTINE - LESS IS MORE. No more layering too many products, no more lengthy beauty routines, no more unnecessary skincare products.
We want to give you total flexibility with 14 complementary products to build your own unique skincare routine across all skin types; that's why we've created supercharged and versatile treatments that adapt to your skin's needs day by day. 

Identify your skin type, then your skin condition and build your daily routine with multi-active daily products and weekly boosters. Here is how it works:

Native Essentials Skincare The Good Skincare Routine



Keep your morning skincare routine simple, essential, functional with products that deliver deep hydration, antioxidants and keep your skin moisturized. Unless your skin is very dry or you live in a very cold climate, do not use rich creams, oils and balms during the day. Cleansing should be minimal. And a big yes to SPF.


Build your evening skincare routine by adding to your hydrating serum, richer products that repair, soothe, nourish and deliver vitamins. Oil cleansing is an essential step, followed by an hydrating serum or essence, and a face oil. Psst... never use facial oils without layering before an hydrating serum or essence.


Your weekly skincare routine should always include a gentle exfoliation and a deep cleansing and hydrating mask. We call this 'essential skin maintenance'.


Start your day with the exquisite freshness of LĪLĀ Frangipani and Coconut Refreshing Mist, then cleanse your face with MAMÃO  Multi Fruits Powder-to-Foam Cleanser, a gentle foaming cleanser activated by lukewarm water to remove dead skin cells and skincare applied the night before, such as a sleeping mask.

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Give your skin deep and continuous hydration to be more plump, healthy, and more resilient to irritants and environmental stress.
Lock in moisture to protect its outer layer and deliver powerful antioxidants 

    Use  ÏIS or NAàdepending on your skin type and condition, then layer HAE to seal in moisture and optimum hydration. 

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    Protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays with SUN+, a zero white cast and ultra-light Vitamin C moisturizer with SPF+ PA+++

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      Native Essentials Skincare Evening Routine


      To double cleanse, start with LULUR Ultra Gentle Cleansing Oil then finish with MAMÃO  Multi Fruits Powder-to-Foam Cleanser, start with a cleansing oil to shift makeup, sunscreen and dirt.

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      Give your skin deep and continuous hydration to be more plump, healthy, and more resilient to irritants and environmental stress.
      Lock in moisture to protect its outer layer deliver powerful antioxidant

        Use  ÏIS  then layer HAE to seal in moisture and optimum hydration.

        Deliver vital vitamins, essential fatty acids and precious botanical extracts to restore the skin's natural protective barrier
        Give your skin nourishment  to support the regeneration of building blocks of healthy cell membranes, and boost collagen production
        Treat and boost the skin barrier and deliver powerful antioxidants

          At night, after cleansing your skin with LULUR, layer ÏIS or NAàfirst depending on your skin type and condition, then boost your skin metabolism with a facial oil: AZUR, SHAANT, or KORUUse NOOR directly on fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the eye area and AKAI on your lips.

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          Native Essentials Skincare The Weekly Routine

          STEP 1 | exfoliate 

          Your skin needs a weekly exfoliation to shred off dead skin and to optimize skincare absorption and reveal truly glowing skin. Use SOLE, a plant-based chemical and physical exfoliant. Best if used at Night / once a week.

          STEP 2 | mask

          Deep cleansing is a key step to prevent blemishes, buildup and congested skin and to rebalance without stripping your skin of its protective layer. Complete your weekly routine with CHUN, a clay-based moisturising and brightening mask with added probiotic and antioxidant actives

          For an intense hydration and skin barrier boost, use CLEO, a skin recovery sleeping mask for all skin types. Apply preferably at Night / once a week.

          FIRST Exfoliation THEN Masking, LASTLY serums, moisturisers, oils and treatments.

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