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In the bustling streets of Bangkok, Thailand, a beaded necklace sparked a journey of empowerment. At a private event, we encountered RoyRak, a fair-trade jewellery cooperative initiative supporting women from Klong Toey, Bangkok's largest slum. Their quiet pride and creativity spoke volumes.

Their transition from crafting traditional flower garlands (Phuang Malai มาลัย) to exquisite jewellery was seamless, a testament to the resilience and skill of local women. Each piece, painstakingly crafted, exuded the essence of Thai culture – patience, precision, and beauty.

Drawn to their vision, we joined forces to create a collection of freshwater pearl jewellery, inspired by the fragrant jasmine garlands of Thailand. Each piece, a blend of tradition and innovation, tells a unique story of empowerment and beauty.

With every purchase, you become part of this narrative – a celebration of women's strength and ingenuity. For empowered women, by empowered women – together, we weave a tapestry of resilience and grace.


Native Essentials Community Fair Trade


RoyRak is not just a jewellery-making initiative; it's a beacon of hope for the community of Khlong Toey. In a place where meaningful employment opportunities are scarce, especially for women, RoyRak stands as a testament to resilience and determination.

Managed by local women with support from Urban Neighbours of Hope Thailand Foundation, RoyRak goes beyond offering jobs – it provides stability and support.

Through full-time contracts with fair wages, comprehensive insurance, and ongoing training, it creates a safe and nurturing environment for its staff.

This commitment to job security doesn't just impact individuals; it ripples through families and communities, touching every aspect of life.

RoyRak is about empowering individuals and transforming communities, one dream at a time.



Native Essentials The Malai Pearls Collection


 The Malai collection, designed by Daniela, envisions the contemporary woman on the go who wants to add to her look easy-to-wear, stylish accessories made with non-allergenic, semi-precious components.

Style our pearls with jeans to blend sophistication, modernity, and effortless chic or elevate your evening outfit with sophistication, refinement, and a hint of natural elegance.

Meet MIA, A long neckless with four interchangeable silk tassels; LUZ, a choker piece with two interchangeable pink quartz and blue aventurine pendants; and our DAOTAJ and ZOE, stylish stretch bracelets with gorgeous charms and mini tassels.

Choose our jewellery and embrace its lovingly crafted essence, resonating with purpose and care. Become part of a journey uplifting communities through fair-trade principles, embodying positive change, and inspiring a brighter, more equitable world.


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