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  • "I'm not a really big oil person, until I finally got my hands on and then everything changed after. It's about water and oil, which makes it less sticky, less greasy and all the things I didn't like about the oils before. The first time I put it on my face my skin, OH MY GOD, I felt like it instantly toned the entire color and the complexion"
    Pam - Native Essentials Customer
  • "I can't live without ÏIS • Hydro Defense Serum, whether I leave the house or not, that is on my priority list every morning. It's impossible to moisturize and protect your skin without ÏIS"
    Haru - Native Essentials Customer
  • "I can use AZUR • Calming Light Oil everyday. It's light and even if I put it on my skin, I don't feel that is oily. AZUR actually smells really good. When my skin acne out I'd put KORU • Clarifying Dry Oil on.
    Jojo - Native Essentials Customer
  • "SOLE • Exfoliant Gel to Milk Mask is my favorite product. The texture is so nice, I love how it gels and when it goes on your skin it goes milky and I love that! I like the little beads, there's nothing like it."
    Kartina - Native Essentials Customer
  • "I've a little bit of dry skin, when I applied SOLE the first time, within 10-15 minutes I could see the difference, they smell so good and it's easy to clean. It's perfect! I can see like I'm five years younger.
    Sepi - Native Essentials Customer
  • "SOLE • Exfoliant Gel to Milk Mask is my favorite product because it's very light, the texture is very nice on the skin also the smell is very very fresh. Even it's an exfoliating, it doesn't leave your skin dry, you can feel the smoothness of the skin when you remove it."
    Uri - Native Essentials Customer

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