Honeysuckle Essential Oil Profile

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Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica) essential oil benefits

Honeysuckle essential oil is derived from the colorful flowers of the honeysuckle plant, and it is largely used in TCM (Tradicional Chinese Medicine) as an anti-inflammatory. It soothes headaches, reduces inflammation, protects the skin, and boosts hair strength.

In skincare, Honeysuckle essential oil soothes inflamed skin, relieves skin rashes, lightens pigmentation, and controls blemishes. It is also a good antibacterial for treating burns, scrapes, and cuts. This beautiful oil is used in aromatherapy for anxiety and depression.


Botanical Name: Lonicera japonica

Method of Extraction: Steam distillation of the flowers

Origin: China, Japan

Color: pale yellow

Aroma: exotic, fresh, sweet, flowery

Note: middle

Blends well with: Jasmine, Ylang-ylang, Lavender, Sandalwood, Bergamot, Mandarin, Orange, Neroli, Blue Tansy, Chamomiles and Frankincense

Therapeutic properties: Antidepressant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, sedative, tonic


AZUR is blended with Honeysuckle essential oil



To calm nerves, promote sleep burn 1-2 drops every 5 hours.

Dilute 1-3 drops every 5 ml of carrier oil for a body and foot massage; 3-8 drops for headaches


Add 0.3% Honeysuckle essential oil to cream or oil base products.



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