Our Story

The journey of each of our products starts with the sourcing of the ingredients, selected for their, freshness, quality, vibrancy, efficacy and sustainability.

The formulations and production are done by us within a Ecocert Certified Lab in Thailand, so we are confident in what our skincare can deliver. 


Far-flung destinations and exotic native plants inspired each of the Native Essentials products. We have carefully chosen exquisite essential oils, pristine native botanicals and high-performance, natural, active ingredients, not only for their ability to deliver results but also for their sensory powers.




"I am passionate about native botanicals, Asian spa culture and local beauty rituals. Native Essentials was born over ten years ago as my travel diary with a purpose – self-care thru sensory skincare. 


‘’I wanted to distill in my products all the native plants, textures, colours, aromas, and traditional beauty treatments I researched and experienced during my travels and recreate a body-and-mind beauty ritual with plants and potent botanical active ingredients. ’’ 





"Time is precious and many busy  women like me, find it hard to stick to complicated beauty routines with too many products and steps. That's why I created a collection of eleven complementary, super-charged, plant-based skincare products that deliver fast, effective results without the hassle of long, drawn-out beauty rituals.

This is beauty for the modern wellness-conscious woman: earth-friendly, plant-based, sustainable, minimalist and truly effective age-confidence skincare."

Daniela Pelonara, Native Essentials Founder