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CHUN ~ Combining ancient beauty techniques with skincare innovation

Inspired by ancient Chinese beauty techniques, CHUN is a gentle, multi-purpose probiotic mask that combines ancient wisdom with the latest skincare innovation. 

With CHUN we choose to use white tea extract instead of green tea, which has triple antioxidant properties. And the clays that have been used for centuries, we combine it with smart new generation ingredients such as probiotics and double molecular weight sodium hyaluronate (obtained by natural fermentation). 

With the blend of three fine clays draws out impurities, while added probiotics help strengthen the skin. The double molecular weight sodium hyaluronate and cucumber hydrosol intensely hydrate and seal in moisture. Powerful antioxidants derived from rice and the green tea plant support the cells in fighting free radical damage, rebuilding collagen and elastin for firm, toned skin.

This synergy of Chinese super antioxidant botanical extracts — white tea, camellia oil, and rice proteins – boosts the skin’s own repair process and helps protect it from free radical damage, age spots, and skin discoloration. CHUN mask assists in maintaining a healthy skin microbiome ecosystem, one that’s ready to tackle even the most challenging environmental stressors and pollution. 

CHUN (春)  means spring in Chinese, and its aromatherapy brings a very light cucumber aroma. The product has a medium-thick consistency, and it’s a smooth and very cooling rinse-off mask.