• Whitening or Brightening Skincare? Everything you want to know

      Hyperpigmentation? dark spots? Freckles out of control? All women, regardless of age or skin condition, want to achieve flawless radiant skin and minimize the use of colored foundations. Is there a magic potion? Many brands targeting especially the African, Indian and Southeast Asian markets, ... View Post
  • Switching to new skincare - how fast can I see results?

    When starting a new skincare product or a complete routine, results are never immediate and in some cases, the skin may even temporarily react (called 'purging') before benefitting from the new regime. This is not because the new product or routine is not effective, but because of new ingredients... View Post
  • Sheet Mask VS Cream Masks - pros and cons

    Masking is a great way to complete your skincare routine and to boost your skin with antioxidants and nutrients. Whether it’s a sheet mask, cream mask, or clay mask, masking on a weekly base is not only good for your skin but it can be your zen moment away from your busy schedule.  Without a dou... View Post
  • The magic 5 natural Vitamins you must have in your skincare

    Can natural vitamins really boost your skincare and give you flawless skin? The answer is yes, yes, yes! From the well known Vitamin-C to newcomers like Bakuchiol, vitamin-enriched skincare contains way more than meets the eye.  This is all you need to know about truly natural vitamins used in cl... View Post
  • What makes skincare ingredients sustainable and ethical ?

    Many clean, natural and organic beauty brands are often very transparent when it comes down to their ingredient list, just like us. Sourcing the freshest, purest, more potent botanicals are always the criteria used to purchase ingredients and to promote their benefits.

    But let's be honest - any brand can also claim they are ethical or/and sustainable because of the lack of regulations and clear boundaries and the definition of 'ethical and sustainable' can depend on a number of factors.

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    Have you ever tried a product for the first time, especially a face balm or a rich oil and developed breakouts? Have you been discouraged and decided to discontinue the culprit right away?

    We have good news for you – what you have experienced is possibly not a breakout but a so-called purge, a natural reaction that is actually confirming that the product is working and renewing your skin.

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  • Till the last drop

    Desperate to catch those last few pumps of your favorite serum or moisturizers packaged in pump bottles? Wondering why many earth-friendly brands use glass instead of airless PET glass bottles or plastic tubes making your life not so easy?  View Post
  • Ectoin® - the ultimate skin protector

    Meet one of our supercharged ingredients, Ectoin®, a very powerful, 100% natural stress-protection amino-acid. When it binds with water, Ectoin® boosts the skin's cell membranes self-defense mechanism; the skin is stronger at a cellular level and is able to protect itself better from UV damage, extreme temperatures, pollution, as well as soothe and calm skin inflammation.  View Post