We carefully blend our face oils from premium plant oils, rare CO2 extracts, plant-based ester oils and certified organic essential oils… and that’s it. To maximise absorption and produce the most effective results, we use exclusively cold-pressed oils with the lowest comedogenic rating. Each face oil is enhanced with a blend of essential oils that is safe, tested, comes in the correct concentration, and compliant with the requirements of the EU, the most stringent guidelines in the world. 

Your regular routine probably involves using a combination of different serums followed by a moisturiser. Switch to our serum + oil routine: use our products correctly and you may see the difference after just one week. After on month, your skin’s transformation will be tangible. 

Just as every woman is unique, so is their skin – and their skin routine. Sometimes skin can react to a change in routine in ways that are unexpected. Breakouts and inflammation are rare reactions, but they can happen. We suggest you give it time for our products to work their magic. We also recommend following our instructions carefully and correctly.

How to make the most of our products

Our beauty rituals are designed to be fast and easy to follow. Below we have outlined a few simple steps you can take to get the full benefit of our fabulous, skin-enhancing products. Observe these instructions correctly and your skin will soon be glowing; plus they will help you avoid pesky breakouts and skin reactions. 

  1. Deep cleanse and exfoliate regularly. If you apply a face oil without first getting rid of dead skin cells and impurities, your pores will inevitably clog up and you will experience breakouts.
  2. Make sure your skin is well hydrated before you apply a face oil. Ideally skin should be a bit damp.
  3. Don’t use too much oil: 2 to 4 drops is usually just right.
  4. If you live in a hot and humid country, use face oils at night only.
  5. If you’re intolerant of a specific ingredient, your skin will react within 20 minutes of using it – it may even react within 1 to 2 minutes. If this happens, discontinue use of that product, and contact us.
  6. If your skin is particularly sensitive, we suggest you avoid any of our products that contain essential oils or naturally occurring vitamin C, as they can irritate skin that’s prone to inflammation. Instead, use our water-based products, NAA, HAE or CHUN, which are free from these ingredients.

Colour, aroma and storage 

We work exclusively with natural and organic ingredients, which may have slight variations from season to season. This means the colour and aroma of our products may vary slightly from one batch to the next. 

When it comes to storage, close droppers or lids tightly after each application, keep them away from direct sunlight, and store them in cool, dry places. Very hot or cold temperatures can affect their efficacy. Do not refrigerate your face oils, as they may crystallise. Take care of your products, and they will take care of your skin.


How to get the last few drops of serum or moisturiser out of our eco-friendly glass pump bottles

Desperate to catch those last few pumps of  ÏISNAÃ or HAESimply mix a few drops of your face oil (AZURSHAANT or KORUinto the bottle. Shake well before each application. It’s the no-fuss, no-waste way to make the most of our product – because every drop counts.