• NAÃ - Skin Perfecting Serum

NAÃ - Skin Perfecting Serum

  • $50.00

CLARIFY          HYDRATE          TONE

NAà delivers a dose of tropical freshness, fruity sweetness and superior hydration without oiliness. Evoking the scents and scenes of Thailand, this clarifying serum is a lightly astringent, antibacterial and mattifying serum + toner packed with exotic super-antioxidants from oriental botanicals like Kaffir Lime, Guava and Passion fruit. Flavonoid-rich Orchid extract gives NAà its gorgeous purple colour. NAà(น้ำ) means water in Thai.

IT’S MULTI-TASKING: Because it’s a clarifying and astringent serum, it minimises pores, it boosts deep hydration, it balances PH and sebum levels, it’s an Antioxidant, it heals blemishes, and it’s a cooling and refreshing primer.

IT’S FAST BEAUTY: With just 1 to 2 pumps, you can minimise oiliness and shine, help heal acne-prone skin, reduce pores, balance sebum production, mattify the skin, hydrate and reduce free radical damage.

IT’S EFFECTIVE: NAÃ is a complete control and hydration solution for combination, oily and blemished skin. Astringent and mildly antibacterial Kaffir Lime distillate blends with exquisite tropical fruit and flower extracts, such as Orchid fruit extract, which is packed with Anthocyanin, which protects the skin from UV radiation, temperature extremes and pollution. Passion fruit and Guava extracts contain powerful antioxidants that help improve skin texture and tone. Double molecular size Sodium Hyaluronate and Squalane deliver hydration and nourishment to keep skin plump and resilient.

USE IT FOR: Combination, oily and blemished skin.

For combination or blemished skin, combine NAÃ + KORU.
For oily skin, combine NAÃ + HAE.

SMELL IT:NAÃ exudes a very light citrus-y aroma from the kaffir lime hydrosol it contains. This product does not contain essential oils.
FEEL IT: NAÃ feels ultra-light, cooling and refreshing on the skin. It absorbs quickly.
WORK IT: Cleanse face. Apply 1 to 2 pumps to face and neck, followed by a face oil.
INGREDIENTS: Citrus hystrix (Kaffir Lime) water, Dendrobium phalaenopsis (Orchid) flower extract, Aqua, Propaniedol, Psidium guajava (Guava) leaf extract, Passiflora incarnata (Passion fruit) extract, Glycerin, Sea Water extract, Sodium levulinate, Sodium anisate, Cetearyl glucoside, Sorbitan olivate, Sodium hyaluronate, Squalane, Chamomilla recutita (Blue chamomile) flower extract, Sodium benzoate, Xanthan gum, Potassium sorbate, Sorbic acid. 
CAUTION: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue if redness or irritation occurs. Best stored below 25°C, away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.