3 ways to get every last bit of skincare from glass bottles

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Desperate to catch those last few pumps of your favorite serum or moisturizers packaged in pump bottles? Wondering why many earth-friendly brands use glass instead of airless PET glass bottles or plastic tubes making your life not so easy? 

Glass is the purest, fully recyclable and reusable material (exception made for ultraviolet glass). That's why Us at Native Essentials has chosen transparent glass. 

Our pump bottles preserve the freshness of  ÏISNAÃ, HAEand control oxidation.

But let's admit it - it is not easy to pump out the last few drops of the product. This is how we get the last few drops of a medium viscosity serum or a  moisturiser out of our eco-friendly glass pump bottles.


Method 1 | add a face oil

1) Mix a few drops of your face oil (AZURSHAANT or KORUinto the bottle.

2) Shake well before each application and you are done. 

It’s the no-fuss, no-waste way to make the most of our product – because every drop counts. 

IMPORTANT - Water-based serums will not mix or emulsify well with oils unless you shake the bottle well before each use. Lotions and moisturisers will incorporate a few drops better as they contain emulsifiers.


Method 2 | add a hydrosol 

Our fav is Rose Water but you can use any hydrosol (Lavender, Tea Tree, Cucumber...)


1) Mix a few drops of your hydrosol into the bottle

2) Shake well before each application and you are done. 

IMPORTANT - Do not add tap water or unpreserved products as with time they may develop bacteria and spoil your serum or moisturiser


Method 3 | keep the container upside down

This method required unscrewing the pump, so it can get a bit messy ....

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