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Meet one of our supercharged ingredients, Ectoin®, a very powerful, 100% natural stress-protection amino-acid, produced by so-called Extremolytes.

Extremolytes are extraordinary molecules that microorganisms and plants produce to protect themselves from dryness and extreme temperature stresses in their habitats (deserts and frozen areas).


When Ectoin®  binds with water, it boosts the skin's cell membranes self-defense mechanism; the skin is stronger at a cellular level and is able to protect itself better from UV damage, extreme temperatures, pollution, as well as soothe and calm skin inflammation. 

Its proven efficacy includes:

  • Cellular protection and boosting of skin’s self-defense (in vivo)
  • Global Anti-pollution efficacy (in vivo)
  • Prevention of UV-induced skin damage (in vivo)
  • Wrinkle improvement (in vivo)
  • Long-term hydration – up to 7 days (in vivo)
  • Improvement of skin roughness and scaling (in vivo)
  • Skin barrier repair and reinforcement (in vivo)
  • Inflammation reduction and anti-irritant (in vivo)
  • UVA / UVB, IR-A, and visible light protection on a cellular level



ÏIS -  Hydro-Defense Serum, is formulated with Ectoin®  and to boost the skin's hydration, elasticity, anti-inflammatory protection, even more, we have added organic Rose damask hydrosol and double molecular size naturally derived Hyaluronic acid (Sodium Hyaluronate). 
Feed your skin right. Start from water. 



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