Switching to new skincare - how fast can I see results?

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When starting a new skincare product or a complete routine, results are never immediate and in some cases, the skin may even temporarily react (called 'purging') before benefitting from the new regime. This is not because the new product or routine is not effective, but because of new ingredients and actives that need to adjust and literally catch up with the skin's own renewal cycle.


The skin cycle

The skin constantly changes and regenerates itself. New cells are made in the lower layers of the epidermis and they slowly move to the surface of the epidermis; then, within a few weeks, they become flakes (dry skin flakes) that partially are shed off. To reveal the new skin faster, a gentle exfoliation is very helpful.

A skin cycle can vary with each individual and is affected by age, hormones, skin condition/health, lifestyle, nutrition, and climate. 

The average skin cycle is 28 days but as our metabolism slows down with age, so does the skin cycle. 



Patience for best results

To really see improvements and visible results, we recommend to be patient and stick to your new routine for 1 to 3 skin cycles, depending on your age.  This is because we need to:

1) make all active ingredients penetrate as deep as possible on the skin

2) give time to your skin to get used to the new active ingredients

3) new skin cells that have been well-nourished and hydrated will surface based on your age skin cycle and reveal truly healthy skin



Become exfoliation-savvy

To help to shed off dead skin cells and to help your skincare penetrate better, it is essential to exfoliate on a weekly basis. You can use mechanical exfoliants (natural microbeads), chemical exfoliants (AHA's) or peel-off masks.

IMPORTANT - Don't exfoliate too often or too harshly as you may risk to

1) microtear your skin and increase inflammation

2( strip away the skin's natural barrier and protection, sebum, and make it vulnerable and dry.


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