• Butterfly Pea - a pretty blue flower for ageless skin and beautiful hair

    Look beyond green tea, black tea and matcha. Butterfly Pea flower tea is rich in antioxidants, great for overall health, and keeps your skin glowing and your hair healthy.  Known in  Ayurveda to enhance memory and boost brainpower, Butterfly Pea is also renowned throughout Asia for promoting dark, healthy, thick hair.

    You’ll find Butterfly Pea all over Thailand.  It’s trendy not only for shampoos and beauty products but as a regular drinking tea.

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  • All you need to know about Hyaluronic Acid

    Hydrating skin-care ingredients, such as Hyaluronic acid, glycerin, honey, colloidal oatmeal ... are 'humectants', or substances that attract water to the skin and hydrate it by drawing moisture from the environment (if humid enough). The star of humectants and smart skincare ingredients is definitively Hyaluronic acid, not only because it's a naturally-occurring substance in our body (found mainly in our Dermis) but also because it is essential in keeping the skin elastic, hydrated and healthy (aka young). View Post
  • Do comedogenic ingredients make comedogenic products?

    HIGHLIGHTS   Comedogenic ratings are helpful but don't forget that they are approximate. Acne breakout is not the same as a comedogenic breakout; they look different, and they are caused by other ingredients that react to a specific skin type. Don't be scared if you see a product formulated th... View Post
  • Guasha - a skincare tool you can't live without

    Guasha 刮痧 - the latest must-have skincare tool that everybody is crazy about.

    But does Guasha massage really lives up to its hype? Our answer is YES!

    Guasha massage can be done on the whole body and when done on the face, the technique is much gentler and it's truly very relaxing.

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  • 5 acids to power your skincare routine

    We see acids in so many skincare products and they can sound like really scary ingredients. The truth is that there are so many types of acids and they all do different things.

    Some are totally mild and can be used every day, some others are quite active so you may need to know some basics before adding them to your routine.

    What is great about acids is that when used correctly, they truly power your skincare routine.

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  • Sensitive skin: skincare ingredients to avoid

    Sensitive Skin is the general definition of a skin type triggered by a variety of factors resulting in stinging, burning, itching, tightness, and tingling sensations.

    When your skin’s natural barrier function is weakened by a trigger, the skin's top nerves' endings become irritated.

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