Guasha - a skincare tool you can't live without

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Gua sha 刮痧 - the latest must-have skincare tool that everybody is crazy about.

But does Guasha massage really lives up to its hype? Our answer is YES!

Guasha massage can be done on the whole body and when done on the face, the technique is much gentler and it's truly very relaxing.

Gua sha face and body massage or scraping benefits are not just aesthetic - discover the real benefits of this ancient natural therapy, and why just a few minutes’  gua sha massage a day could be the secret to firmer, glowing skin.



Gua sha benefits are well beyond a nice pampering and relaxing treat – it’s a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) healing technique very effective in:

  • relaxing muscles
  • stimulating lymphatic drainage
  • increasing blood flow
  • releasing the fascia
  • optimize the penetration and effectiveness of the skincare you apply


If you’re looking to try one out for yourself, check out our tips here below.





There are so many shapes and it all depends on the type of massage and the areas of concern. Our fav is the Heart-shaped as it is easy to hold and fits well in those hard-to-reach contours and curves, especially around the jawline and the eyes + is very versatile. Similar to the Heart Shapes is the Triangular-Shape, which can be used for the neck. Rollers and Mushroom-shaped Guashas are great for relaxation but in terms of efficacy, we prefer traditional Guasha shapes as they perform better tissue massage. Pencil-shape Guashas are used for Acupressure and to release trigger points so they are normally used for body massage and reflexology, and less for the face. S-shaped Guashas and Traditional Scrapers are also used for body massage and scraping and less for the face. So if you decide to buy a Guasha tool, go for a Heart-shaped one.






STAINLESS STEEL, COPPER: The most expensive and high-performing Guashas are made of stainless steel and copper because of its resonation properties (you can feel it resonate on areas with lots of scar tissue and blockages). However, it comes at a steep price. Great for mature skin, blemished skin, scarring. 


JADE (JADEITE, light green): the most common Guasha tool material. Naturally, a cooling stone balances QI energy with the body. Jadeite is the most affordable stone but tends to break easily. Great for combination skin, oily skin

ROSE QUARTZ (pink to light pink): It is calming, soothing, and healing. Rose quartz is slightly harder than Jadeite and harder to carve so it is more likely to shatter. Great for sensitive skin and with rosacea


BIAN STONE (black): Historically used in traditional Chinese medicine, Bian stone is the most authentic material used for Guasha. It’s a heavy stone, allowing deeper penetration and better fascia and muscle release. Great for all skin types.


Other materials include wood, plastic, buffalo horns (no thank you! we are a vegan and cruelty-free brand), other crystals like Amethyst but they are not as effective as crystals and stainless steel.



Maybe... but we think they are not as effective as proper Gua sha tools. Gua sha tools help increase blood circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage, while rollers are mainly relaxing.


Gua sha facial massage will give you an instant facelift; the skin will tend to be reddened for 10-15 minutes because the pressure of the gua sha tool will create a temporary and controlled skin trauma. Not to worry, the skin will reabsorb the excess fluids and after an hour or two you will feel your face literally firmer and the skin tighter. The best time to give yourself a Gua sha massage? Evening, so that your skin has time to heal.


1. Never use gua sha on dry skin, except on the scalp. Oils work best with Gua sha massage + if you use aromatic facial oils you can enjoy a full aromatic TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) massage treatment.

2. Depending on the shape of Gua sha you have, hold your tool with the curved side to your face and glide it gently upwards. Always strokes upwards (one direction), 5 to 10 times per face section. 

3. Do not use your Gua sha when slightly chipped, as it may cause micro skin tears.

4. Do not use Gua sha on broken skin or if you have acne pustules.

5. After each use, wash with soap you Guasha tool.


Give yourself a face workout with facial oils! This is how we do it.





  1. Warm two to four drops of face oil between hands, rubbing palms together. Close your eyes, inhale deeply, then exhale. Repeat three times.
  2. Begin by pressing oil onto cheeks, forehead, chin, and neck.
  3. Massage décolletage and neck with long, smooth upward strokes, moving from neck to the chin.
  4. Using open palms, apply oil to the face, beginning at the chin, using outward and upward strokes to massage oil into the skin. Move to cheeks and continue massaging.
  5. Use both index fingers to massage the forehead and temples, tracing small circular shapes across the skin.
  6. Use fingertips to massage the area under eyebrows and around the eyes, using outward and upward strokes. Avoid getting any product directly in the eyes.
  7. Massage the oil into the nose and the area around it, using outward and upward strokes.
  8. Finish by applying gentle pressure to the point in-between eyebrows, followed by the area below the earlobes and along the edge of the jawbone. Hold for one deep breath, in and out. Release.





Nourish your skin with our aromatic oils, AZURSHAANT, or KORU.  Give your face a workout and a lymphatic boost with a Gua sha tool while enjoying a wonderful aromatic facial. The result? Toned, firmer, and healthier skin and a happy mood.








* Gua Sha tools are not included.

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