Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do, currently to 15 countries.

Where do you ship from?

We have two warehouses, one in Thailand and one in Hong Kong.

How fast can you ship my order?

We process orders the same day from Monday to Friday and dispatch them within the following 48-72 hours. Due to the ongoing Covid-19, please expect delays in shipping.

What are the charges for shipping?

Please refer to the table below for our rates.

International orders are subject to local Import Taxes and Import Duties calculated and collected by the local Customs Department upon arrival. When ordering from Native Essentials, the recipient is 100% responsible for any of these import fees. As Customs policies vary widely from country to country and we cannot predict your charges, we suggest contacting your local Customs office for more details.
If applicable, the recipient must pay Import Duties and VAT/GST once the goods have arrived. The designated courier will notify the amount to pay and how to pay before clearing the goods.

Shipping fees are quoted in USD.


ASIA PACIFIC - fast delivery

Destination FedEx Transit Time 
Australia $22.00 2-5 days
China $22.00 2-3 days
Hong Kong  n/a n/a
Japan $22.00 2-3 days
Singapore $22.00 2-3 days
Thailand (Bangkok) n/a n/a
Thailand n/a n/a


ASIA PACIFIC - regular delivery

Destination Postal Courier Transit Time 
Australia n/a 2-14 days
China $18.00 2-7 days
Hong Kong  $4.00 1-2 days
Japan n/a 2-9 days
Singapore $16.00 2-7 days
Thailand (Bangkok) n/a same day
Thailand n/a 1-2 days


US, CANADA - fast delivery

Destination FedEx Transit Time 
Canada $30.00 2-5 days
US $30.00 2-5 days


EUROPE- fast delivery

Destination FedEx Transit Time 
France $28.00 2-5 days
Germany $28.00 2-5 days
Italy n/a n/a
UK $28.00

2-5 days


EUROPE- regular delivery

Destination Postal Courier Transit Time 
France n/a 2-14 days
Germany $22.00 2-14 days
Italy $22.00 2-14 days
UK n/a 2-14 days


MIDDLE EAST - fast delivery

Destination FedEx  Transit Time 
UAE $24.00

2-5 days