• Native Essentials TRAVEL SET: GLOWING SKIN ON-THE-GO Set of 8 minis 8 minis
  • Native Essentials TRAVEL SET: GLOWING SKIN ON-THE-GO Set of 8 minis 8 minis
  • Native Essentials TRAVEL SET: GLOWING SKIN ON-THE-GO Set of 8 minis 8 minis


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Tempted by too many products and hard to pick the perfect essential routine for you? Curious to try all our skin treats before committing to full-size products? Or simply traveling and looking for a complete skin routine (hand-luggage friendly) to make your skin healthy and fabulous?

Look no further! Our set features 8 supercharged mins deliver a complete beauty routine for all skin types and conditions. Exfoliate, cleanse, mask, hydrate, nourish, soothe and boost your skin on-the-go and spoil your skin with exquisite clean beauty skincare.

This set is worth USD 55 – you save USD 30 (-55%)


 GLOW ON-THE-GO set includes:

  • ÏIS - Hydro Defense Serum 5 ml
  • HAE - Time Release Light Moisturiser 5 ml
  • NAà- Skin Perfecting Serum 5 ml
  • AZUR - Calming Light Oil 3 ml
  • SHAANT - Regenerating Luxe Oil 3 ml
  • KORU - Clarifying Dry Oil 3 ml
  • SOLE - Exfoliant Gel to Milk Mask 5 gr
  • CHUN - Brightening Probiotic Mask 5 gr


AROMA: AZUR, SHAANT, KORU, and SOLE are aromatic products enhanced by exquisite organic / natural essential oils and cold-pressed plant oils. An absolute treat for the skin and for the mind. Delicate organic hydrosols give ÏIS, NAà, HAE, and CHUN a very light aroma; no essential oils are added.
TEXTURE: Every product is formulated to be layered and create a unique texture. 

Your daily routine: 1 water products + 1 oil

If your skin is NORMAL layer daily ÏIS and HAE

If your skin MILDLY DRY or DELICATE layer daily ÏIS and AZUR

If your skin is DULL and TIRED layer daily ÏIS and SHAANT

If your skin is VERY DRY or shows SIGNS OF AGEING layer daily HAE and SHAANT or AZUR

If your skin is OILY, COMBINATION or BLEMISHED layer daily NAÃ and KORU

Your weekly routine: SOLE followed by CHUN.


Not sure of what to use?  TAKE OUR SKIN QUIZ NOW



Find out all about botanical facial oils: how to use, what to expect plus useful tips to make the most of them. Read our blog article HERE.

  • ÏIS - Hydro Defense Serum 
  • HAE - Time Release Light Moisturiser 
  • NAÃ - Skin Perfecting Serum 
  • AZUR - Calming Light Oil 
  • SHAANT - Regenerating Luxe Oil
  • KORU - Clarifying Dry Oil 
  • SOLE - Exfoliant Gel to Milk Mask 
  • CHUN - Brightening Probiotic Mask 

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