Native Essentials products are made with wholesome and 100% naturally derived, premium quality and traceable ingredients. We formulate with certified organic and natural ingredients that have been fully tested to reduce even the smallest contamination of pesticides, heavy metals, and non-natural fertilisers.

We select premium plant ingredients extracted with the utmost care and latest techniques and create unique synergistic skincare formulas all natural. Some ingredients are so wonderfully complete and high performance that they can be used alone without being incorporated with any other botanicals. Our unique aromas are the result of a careful blending of powerful botanicals following Aromatherapy principles to offer the ultimate Holistic beauty experience.
The efficacy of our skincare line lays in our high-performance active ingredients and Aromaceuticals, which are exclusively plant-based, clinically tested and globally sourced. They include essential oils, CO2 extracts, herbal extracts. vitamins, fermented plants.The foundation ingredients we are just oils, butters, waxes and water and clays, natural gums, salts, natural exfoliants are our functional ingredients. Our products are emulsified and preserved with naturally derived - latest generation and widely accepted by organic certification bodies additives.
Nothing else.

At Native Essentials we formulate and make our products exclusively with:

  • Individually chemically tested
  • With the highest standards of purity and quality
  • We incorporate the whole plant in its pure form wherever possible
  • Safe, gentle yet highly effective
  • Ingredients are from sustainable sources and ethically harvested
  • Certified organic wherever possible
  • 100% Cruelty-Free.