Behind the brand

A passion with native botanicals, Asian spa culture and local beauty rituals led globetrotter Daniela to leave a career in fashion to launch Native Essentials, an eco-conscious, clean skincare brand whose products are formulated with superstar natural ingredients, powered by next-generation natural actives, and they smell simply divine.
Daniela was driven by the idea of creating clean skincare that delivers fast, effective results without the hassle of long, drawn-out beauty rituals. This is beauty for the modern wellness-conscious woman: modular skincare based on a few easy steps that any busy woman can find time for in her day.
Years of study in aromatology, advanced natural skincare formulations, aromatic Ayurveda, aromatic Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern herbal cosmetology fueled the fast, clean and effective concept at the heart of Native Essentials. For Daniela, innovation, research and passion are key.

“I want the woman who uses Native Essentials to feel special, to simplify her beauty routine and to experience clean skincare that truly performs.” - Daniela