Behind the brand

Native Essentials Founder Daniela Pelonara


Passionate about native botanicals, Asian spa culture and local beauty rituals, Daniela, the heart and soul of Native Essentials, created a collection of 8 plant-based skincare products that deliver fast, effective results without the hassle of long, drawn-out beauty rituals.

This is beauty for the modern wellness-conscious woman: plant-based, ethical, minimalist and multipurpose skincare based on a few easy steps.


Daniela has distilled her wanderlust into eight products, each identifiable by its unique scent, colour and texture, and each transporting you to a different destination.

From nourishing face oils AZUR, KORU and SHAANT to fast-absorbing serums NAÃ and ÏIS, and from time-release moisturiser HAE to CHUN and SOLE, which do double duty as masks and exfoliants, the Native Essentials range uses exclusively plant-based ingredients to help you create a spa-like experience at home in minutes – and a beauty ritual you’ll quickly come to love.

Daniela is a professional natural skincare formulator, aromatologist, eco-activist, busy mum and passionate about clean living.