8 Native Beauty Rituals


Far-flung destinations and exotic native plants inspired each of the Native Essentials products. We have carefully chosen exquisite essential oils, pristine native botanicals and high-performance, natural, active ingredients, not only for their ability to deliver results but also for their sensory powers. Join us on a journey into the botanicals, colors, and scents of India, Thailand, China, Korea, New Zealand, Iceland, Italy, and France.


Native Essentials SOLE Exfoliant Gel to Milk Mask

SOLE ~ Channeling sun-kissed Italian summers

Channeling sun-kissed Italian summers, SOLE delivers triple-polishing action for the ultimate glow. AHAs derived from fermented berries, biodegradable jojoba beads, and activated charcoal help this gel-to-milk exfoliant mask remove dirt and impurities. The olive oil and rosehip oil nourish and boost your skin’s radiance.

The ancient natural beauty of the Italian citrus-derived AHAs and the berries shed dead skin cells, while Jojoba beads gently polish skin. Activated bamboo charcoal beads trap stubborn dirt and clear pores. The organic rosehip oil CO2 extract, rich in vitamin A and omegas (linoleic and linolenic acid), decreases photoaging and repairs stressed skin. The extra virgin olive oil – despite its notoriety as a scary pore-clogger – detoxifies, replenishes and hydrates skin thanks to squalane, plus antioxidants like vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols.

SOLE means sun in Italian, and this innovative formula feeds your skin as well as your senses. Intoxicating vanilla, juicy orange, lemon peel, and a hint of refreshing spearmint create a zesty burst of sweetness and happiness.


Native Essentials CHUN probiotic mask

CHUN ~ Combining ancient Chinese botanicals with skincare innovation

Inspired by Chinese herbal medicine tradition, CHUN is a gentle, multi-purpose probiotic mask that combines ancient wisdom with the latest skincare innovation. 

With the blend of three fine clays draws out impurities, while added probiotics help strengthen the skin. The double molecular weight sodium hyaluronate and cucumber hydrosol intensely hydrate and seal in moisture. Powerful antioxidants derived from rice and the green tea plant support the cells in fighting free radical damage, rebuilding collagen and elastin for firm, toned skin. This synergy of Chinese super antioxidant botanical extracts — white tea, camellia oil, and rice proteins – boosts the skin’s own repair process and helps protect it from free radical damage, age spots, and skin discoloration. CHUN mask assists in maintaining a healthy skin microbiome ecosystem, one that’s ready to tackle even the most challenging environmental stressors and pollution.  CHUN (春)  means spring in Chinese. The product has a medium-thick consistency, and it’s a smooth and very cooling rinse-off mask.


Native Essentials IIS Hydro Boost Serum

ÏIS ~ Superior hydration boost

The secret to firm, resilient skin? Water. It’s at the heart of ÏIS, a wrinkle repair serum delivering extreme cell hydration. Inspired by the dramatic beauty of Iceland and its extreme climates, IIS uses a powerful, marine-based antioxidant complex enhanced by moss-derived active ingredients to protect your skin from urban aggressors and water loss. ÏIS gives your skin its daily dose of vital hydration, keeping it supple, plump, and ready to respond to extreme weather, pollution, and hormonal changes. 

Made with a beautiful, organic damask rose hydrosol, pure marine water packed with minerals, and double-molecular size sodium hyaluronate. This serum is the ultimate, soothing, oil-free hydration boost serum that can be layered with virtually any product.

What’s more, ÏIS is enhanced with Ectoin, a patented stress-protecting molecule derived from nature that can prevent cell damage and inflammation, as well as an innovative active ingredient derived from the moss that strengthens the skin.

ÏIS means ice in Icelandic, and gives off a delicate scent of damask rose, feels ultra-light and delicate on the skin, absorbing quickly without any stickiness.


Native Essentials HAE Time Release Moisturiser

HAE ~ A smart serum-like moisturizer protecting hydro barrier

HAE is your Korean skincare routine distilled into one simple, easy-to-use product.  Bamboo hydrosol, probiotics, antioxidants, vitamin B8, mineral-rich aloe vera from Jeju Island, and Sacha inchi oil from the Amazonian rainforest support the health of your skin from the inside out. HAE is more than a moisturizer – it delivers smart hydration for up to 12 hours, protecting the skin barrier from the drying effects of the environment.

HAE’s star ingredient is Glycoin, amazing time-release hydration and cell-boosting active ingredient enhanced by aloe vera and bamboo hydrosol. Gentle yet efficient probiotics support the skin’s own microflora, increasing the barrier protecting you from environmental stress.  The added high-performance antioxidant flavonoid baicalin, phytosterols (from brown algae) and rice-derived vitamin B8, help minimize free radical damage and slow hyperpigmentation of melanin. Olive-derived squalane and Sacha inchi oil enhance the skin’s elasticity while boosting collagen and elastin production. HAE, sea in Korean (...해)  feels light and serum-like on the skin, absorbing quickly.


Native Essentials NAA perfecting skin serum

NAà~ Tropical freshness for a burst of zesty hydration

NAà delivers a dose of tropical freshness, fruity sweetness that evokes the scents and scenes of Thailand. The flavonoid-rich orchid extract gives NAà its gorgeous purple color. Superior hydration without oiliness and quick absorption is a complete control and hydration solution for combination, oily and blemished skin. This clarifying serum is a lightly astringent, antibacterial, and mattifying serum + toner packed with exotic super-antioxidants from oriental botanicals like kaffir lime, guava and passion fruit.  The astringent and mildly antibacterial kaffir lime distillate blends with exquisite tropical fruit and flower extracts, such as orchid fruit extract, which is packed with anthocyanin. It protects the skin from UV radiation, temperature extremes, and pollution.  Passion fruit and guava extracts contain powerful antioxidants that help improve skin texture and tone. Double molecular size sodium hyaluronate and squalane deliver hydration and nourishment to keep skin plump and resilient. NAà (น้ำ) means water in Thai, and its aromatherapy exudes a very light citrusy aroma from the kaffir lime hydrosol it contains. It feels ultra-light, cooling, and refreshing on the skin.


Native Essentials AZUR Calming Light Oil

AZUR ~ A sensorial journey of refreshing and relaxing aromas

Unapologetically deep blue, AZUR is more than a healing facial oil. It’s a sensorial journey through the south of France, with its refreshing and relaxing aromas of lavender, chamomiles, honey and citrus, and the intense cerulean hue of blue tansy.  AZUR is a blend of organically grown, cold-pressed oils that work in perfect synergy to calm, soothe and nourish your skin.  AZUR is packed with naturally occurring retinol-rich cacay oil and vitamin E-rich watermelon oil to boost elasticity. Cacay oil contains high levels of vitamins A and E, and stimulates the production of new skin cells to slow photoaging and hyper pigmentation. Watermelon seed oil is packed with lycopene and carotenoids and reduces the appearance of fine lines. Fragrant plum oil, soothing, marzipan-like oil, boost your skin’s elasticity and glow. AZUR, azure in French, hass sophisticated, calming, and seducing aromatics notes. Your skin and senses will be enveloped in the refreshing and relaxing tones of neroli, bergamot, chamomile, and lavender. The sweetness of honeysuckle and the depth of frankincense will follow. AZUR feels silky, smooth, and light, with no trace of greasiness.


Native Essentials SHAANT Regenerating Luxe Oil

SHAANT ~ Ancient Indian beauty ritual for your body, mind and soul

Follow a fragrant journey to India with SHAANT, a supremely potent wrinkle-repair facial oil whose regenerative formula draws on alluring aromatics and centuries-old beauty traditions.  An experience that’s pure luxury for your skin and senses. This oil is an absolute powerhouse of age-defying botanicals that are deeply nourishing, cell-boosting and skin repairing.  An advanced concentration of multi-omegas such as rosehip, sea buckthorn, and safflower oil maximizes nourishment and boosts dull, dry and depleted skin. Naturally occurring vitamin C slows the aging process and reduces pigmentation.  Ingredients such as Sacha inchi and marula, are combined with intensely nourishing and restorative pomegranate to boost collagen production.  The aromatic notes of SHAANT are peaceful, relaxing, and enchanting. Indian jasmine exudes oriental sweetness, while sandalwood, amyris, and vetiver add woody and balsamic undertones. Ginger lily root gives SHAANT its final, surprising spicy and fresh notes. SHAANT (शांत) means tranquil, peaceful in Hindi. The oil feels instantly nourishing and luxurious. This product contains a sublime blend of rare and exquisite essential oils.


Native Essentials KORY Clarifying Dry Oil

KORU ~ The healing properties of New Zealand and Pacific islands' native plants

KORU is inspired by the healing properties of New Zealand and Pacific Islands' native plants. This oil is a nutrient-rich clarifying oil with a weightless texture that heals, purifies, and balances blemished, oily, and combination skin.  Rich in brightening and skin normalizing botanicals, this dry oil is a blend of vitamin C-rich kiwi, passion fruit and moringa oil, and precious chia and raspberry CO2 extracts.  The oil is packed with prized Tamanu oil, a potent skin-healing oil from Polynesia, to vitamin C-rich kiwi fruit, plus moringa and passion fruit seed oils, which soften fine lines. KORU also contains a potent blend of skin-balancing and antibacterial essential oils such as manuka, kanuka, and fragonia. These all come with anti-inflammatory properties that help battle spots, irritated skin, and clogged pores. The aromatic notes of KORU are uplifting and energizing, with a complex blend that is evocative of resins, berries, and forests. Fragonia, with its citrus and floral yet slightly woody character, is energized by native manuka and kanuka oils, while lemon myrtle and lemon tea tree add an interesting zesty note. KORU feels ultra-light and dry on the skin, absorbing very quickly.