Enjoy our Aromatic Organic Skincare made with gentle, high-performance, innovative botanicals that will touch your soul.

The heart & soul of Native Essentials is Italian born Daniela Pelonara, a passionate Natural Cosmetics and Skincare enthusiast that decided, like many courageous and determined women out there, to leave her corporate career in fashion and become a certified Natural Skincare Formulator and a Professional Aromatologist.

Native Essentials was born in Daniela's kitchen in Auckland, New Zealand in 2009, upgraded to a workshop in Hong Kong in 2011 and expanded to a fully equipped R&D Lab in Bangkok, Thailand in 2016.

In her formulations, Daniela combines her fascination with Asian and Pacific botanical wisdom and her long-term passion and knowledge of European Herbalism and Aromatherapy; most importantly Daniela and her team constantly research innovative naturally derived ingredients to create high-performance organic cosmeceuticals delicately elevated to sensory skin care with exquisite aromatic notes. 

Native Essentials is a niche artisan business that sources premium organic ingredients ethically and manufactures beautifully aromatic sensory skincare with passion, love, and total respect for the environment.

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made with certified organic ingredients

We purchase certified organic ingredients (SOIL ASSOCIATION, ACO, ECOCERT, USDA certified) because we believe it's the only way to go for our planet and our health. All our natural and wild crafted ingredients are meticulously tested at every harvest or distillation.


100% premium botanicals

Our products deliver visible results as they are made with the best ingredients we can find around the globe. Some of our ingredients are so powerful and packed with naturally occurring active ingredients that they can be used alone. 


no synthetic ingredients

We don't need synthetic shortcuts to make our products more commercial and mainstream. Even our preservatives, emulsifiers, solubilisers are naturally derived and widely endorsed by international organic certification bodies.


fully recyclable packaging

We protect our precious products with glass packaging and high quality, food grade, recyclable PET. Many of our products are not boxed, and we use low environmental impact paper and labels. We reuse packaging from our suppliers, and we limit the use of water and harsh detergents in our workshop. 


cruelty free

We do not test our products on animals, and we are very careful that our suppliers follow the same commitment. We do not sell to markets that require compulsory animal testing.


ethical and sustainable products

We refuse to buy any ingredient that is considered endangered (like Amazonian Rosewood) or unregulated (like Indian Sandalwood offered by unlicensed suppliers) or where child labor is involved (African butters).