Aromatic Sensory Skincare Rituals for Body and Mind


Native Essentials pushes the boundaries of natural aromatic skincare.

Nutrient-rich botanicals, powerful anti-oxidants, high-performance actives, innovative textures, intelligent formulations are the first dimension of our beauty and wellness ritual.

We travel the world to source rare and unique raw materials, unconventional plant extracts and create powerful skincare with fascinating aromatic notes that elevates the skin benefits to the entire system - body and mind.

Each product is an unexpected olfactory journey that will touch your soul.

Wellness and Beauty. Inside out.


Truly natural Skincare with Aromatherapy Benefits

A blend of oils included in a moisturiser of face serum goes beyond their function of purifying or nourishing or healing the skin. Each product from Native Essentials has a unique aroma that amplifies the skin benefits to the entire system - body and mind.

Our Night Skincare is packed with wonderfully nourishing and relaxing blends of essential oils, that have been specifically formulated to work at two levels. Work in synergy with the natural repair function of the skin and relax the mind in preparation for a good night sleep.