As well as offering a great range of natural spa products online, Native Essentials provides unique and professional expertise for spas and wellness centres on botanicals and plant oils for health and beauty purposes. We use exclusively 100% natural and certified organic products, which we select directly from the most reputable sources around the world. Our organic blends for diffusion, massage and face combine Eastern and Western tradition to provide the ultimate experience for your clients.  


At Native Essentials we: 


UNDERSTAND your customers not only in terms of your demographics but most importantly based on your concept and philosophy.

INSPIRE  your customers with an unforgettable and captivating aroma sensory experience.

DEVELOP tailor made, co-branded or home branded products and spa menus using only safe natural ingredients.

SUPPLY only the very best 100% natural spa products online, which are backed by lab quality testing.

OFFER a limited edition of natural and certified products for sale in your spa under your private label.

TRAIN your staff in being passionate about botanicals and well prepared to enhance the spa experience safely.


We know how important it is to give your customers the best in skin and beauty services, which is why we pride ourselves on our carefully selected range or professional bespoke organic products for salon use that boasts quality ingredients.

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The sense of smell is one of the most immediate influencers and an amazing vehicle that can be used to engage a customer quickly, creating an emotional in store experience, cementing a memorable brand identity and helping create long lasting brand loyalty. Scented environments have a stronger emotional and cognitive impact over non scented ones. 

Essential oils are extraordinary vehicles of very complex chemical compounds highly multifunctional; they balance, restore, stimulate, heal, revive and relax. Some Essential Oils are made of over 250 chemical componds, too complex to be replicated in the laboratory.  They are far more powerful that synthetic fragrances and if used professionally and with coherence with the other senses, they have the unique ability to greatly enhance a sensory experience. 


At Native Essentials we are specialists in Aroma Sensory Marketing; we use the best quality essential oils and craft ad hoc synergies safely and subtlety to enhance the retail experience for both the brand and the consumer.

We offer tailor made solutions and personalized products to meet the needs of our customers from small individual retailers to large organizations. If you are interested in exploring aroma sensory marketing opportunities and improve your brand performance, contact us and we will be happy to discuss what we can do for you and your business.