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KORU ~ The healing properties of Maoris native plants

KORU is inspired by the healing properties of New Zealand’s native plants, balancing congested and combination skin. This oil is a nutrient-rich clarifying oil with a weightless texture that heals, purifies, and brightens up dull, blemished, oily, and combination skin. 

Rich in brightening and skin normalizing botanicals, this dry oil is a blend of vitamin C-rich kiwi, passion fruit and moringa oil, and precious chia and raspberry CO2 extracts. All these ingredients work in synergy with powerful manuka extract to energize skin and give it great glow.

The oil is packed with prized Tamanu oil, a potent skin-healing oil from Polynesia, to vitamin C-rich kiwi fruit, plus moringa and passion fruit seed oils, which soften fine lines. KORU is a powerful blend of non-comedogenic oils and precious CO2 extracts. Among the CO2 extracts, it contains chia seed oil, filled with vitamin B3 and zinc, and is perfect for oily skin, plus raspberry seed oil, high in vitamins A and E. 

If that wasn’t enough, Koru also contains a potent blend of skin-balancing and antibacterial essential oils such as manuka, kanuka, and fragonia, PLUS blue chamomile, Roman chamomile, and lavender. These all come with anti-inflammatory properties that help battle spots, irritated skin, and clogged pores. A winner in hot, sweaty weather!

KORU is a spiral shape and integral symbol in Māori art, symbolizing new life, growth, strength, and peace. The aromatic notes of KORU are uplifting and energizing, with a complex blend that is evocative of resins, berries, and forests. Fragonia, with its citrus and floral yet slightly woody character, is energized by native manuka and kanuka oils, while lemon myrtle and lemon tea tree add an interesting zesty note. Rhododendron is the real surprise scent: it starts sweet, turning herbal and finishing with a fruity aroma. It works well with the robust, nutty, and bitter notes of tamanu.  

KORU feels ultra-light and dry on the skin, absorbing very quickly.