The Best Way To Apply Face Oils(And Make Them Work)

Are you new to Face oils? Or have you used in the past Face oils and didn’t feel the right product for you? Or are you simply curious about Face oils?  Whichever group you belong to, would you like to know all the tips to make your face oil work hard for you? If your answer is yes, then read on.

Let’s start with the basic mistakes easy to make:

  • Using a Face oil when the skin is very dry;
  • Using a Face oil first thing in the morning;
  • Using too much Face oil.

To put it simply, the skin needs support to keep itself well hydrated, nourished and protected. So basically water, fatty acids and vitamins to start with. The main misconception about Face oils is that being very rich they alone can be a life saver.

It is the opposite!

Face oils can’t hydrate because they don’t contain water, but they nourish and protect the skin and have incredibly anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties. An oil applied on dry skin will simply not penetrate and actually it could have the opposite effect – make your skin even drier. And if you apply too much oil the risk of clogging your pores is quite high. Very confusing.

First thing first. What are Face oils, Carrier oils, Essential oils?

What we call Face oils are cold pressed oils from kernels or seeds; they are also called Carrier oils or Fixed oils. Face Oils are often blended with Essential oils.

Carrier oils? Essential oils. What is the difference?

Carrier oils don’t evaporate, they are made of precious fatty acids, vitamins and anti-oxidants – they are lipids or vegetable fats. Think of Argan oil, or Almond oil or Rosehip oil. They hardly smell. Essential oils are actually not oils but plant extracts obtained mainly thru a distillation process. Think of Lavender or Eucalyptus Essential oil.  They are chemically very different from Carrier oils and have a very complex molecular structure. They are volatile, very concentrated, packed with aromatic compounds and have a variety of therapeutic benefits depending on the oil.

Essential oils must be diluted with a Carrier oil, Carrier oils can be applied neat.

Cold pressed oils can penetrate the upper layer of the derma while forming a thin protective layer; if blended with Essential oils then the penetration is all the way to the bloodstream and the aromatic molecules of the Essential oils will support the natural repair process of the skin. That’s why Face oils are often blended with Essential oils.

Why my Face oil can’t penetrate the skin if used on its own?

Your Face oil will not work on dry skin or uncleansed skin, simply because there are too many physical barriers. The secret to maximize the benefits of your Face oil is simple:  a correct skincare routine.

Here is the ‘To do list’ before applying our Face oil:

  • Get rid of dead skin
  • Minimize enlarged pores
  • Lower acidic PH
  • Deliver water from the surface to the deep layers of the derma

And here is what we recommend:

Exfoliate with microbeads to avoid micro abrasions
Delicately shred off dead skin with circular movements
Rinse with cold lukewarm water, never hot water


Identify if your skin needs delicate or balancing or antibacterial toning
With a cotton pad gently remove excessive sebum
Spritz your toner to shrink the pores


Choose a pure Hyaluronic acid serum or a water base serum with Hyaluronic acid*

Apply the same amount as your moisturizer

*Hyaluronic acid has the ability to draw water to the skin and help prevent moisture loss; it is not, however, a complete moisturizer in itself.

And now you have a beautifully polished and damp (but not dripping!) skin, you are ready to apply your favorite Face oil for a superior nourishment and a real anti-aging action.

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