• Essential oils and Environmental Impact

    ARE ESSENTIAL OILS SUSTAINABLE? The popularity of Aromatherapy in recent years has helped discovering how incredibly healing essential oils are and how they can be a natural alternative to over the counter medications. What is unique to essential oils, is the ability of interacting with the limbi... View Post
  • Sheet Mask VS Cream Masks - pros and cons

    Masking is a great way to complete your skincare routine and to boost your skin with antioxidants and nutrients. Whether it’s a sheet mask, cream mask, or clay mask, masking on a weekly base is not only good for your skin but it can be your zen moment away from your busy schedule.  View Post
  • What makes skincare ingredients sustainable and ethical ?

    Many clean, natural and organic beauty brands are often very transparent when it comes down to their ingredient list, just like us. Sourcing the freshest, purest, more potent botanicals are always the criteria used to purchase ingredients and to promote their benefits.

    But let's be honest - any brand can also claim they are ethical or/and sustainable because of the lack of regulations and clear boundaries and the definition of 'ethical and sustainable' can depend on a number of factors.

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  • Face wipes - are they really good for you?

    Face wipes and make-removers - so convenient, so easy to use, a must-have item for the busy woman.  Many brands embraced the new trend very quickly and offered a variety of makeup remover and face wipes for every skin type and pockets.

    Sadly, they are not as good as you might think. 


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  • Organic Pesticides To Save Bees And Pollination

    Pollination and Pesticides Pollination is the essential process needed for flowering plants to reproduce. Plants rely on wind or water, or insects to transfer pollen from the male parts of flowers to the female parts of flowers. That’s why all […] View Post