Pick The Correct Lip Product

Ready for fab lips? Don’t forget that they need the same care as our skin every day, especially during the cold months and extra nourishment and sun protection. Here is why.

Is the skin of the lips really unique?

Definitively yes. The skin of the lips is quite delicate especially because the stratum corneum is thinner than anywhere else in the body.  Lips don’t have any sebaceous glands, (so no production of Sebum, the natural protective and moisturizing barrier of the skin) and like palms and soles, don’t have any hair follicles either.

Lips don’t have Melanin so they are fully exposed to UVA/UVB rays unless they are protected by a sunscreen. Therefore at higher risk of sunburn or even cancer.

But why are lips darker than the rest of our skin? Because the skin is thinner and red-colored, blood-filled capillaries are closer to the upper layer of the skin.

Face serums,  moisturiser, and creams are not always suitable for the lips. Luckily there are plenty op lips products available. The first rule? avoid petroleum based lip products. All they do is to seal the skin with a thick layer creating an occlusive barrier over the skin.

The second rule: too high content of beeswax can have the same effect of petroleum jelly.

The third rule: Remember to use the same principles of your skin routine: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Soothe, Nourish and most importantly wear sun protection.

Before you reach for any new lip product, choose according to your lips skin condition, type of function desired and of course,, check the ingredients.

GLOSS is for normal and dry lips with lots of shiny shades but less long lasting than lipsticks.
BALM is for dry or chapped lips and will be absorbed very quickly (if low in beeswax and mineral oils). Available in very few shades, mainly natural. Perfect for healing your lips and the skin around.
STAIN is an opaque color very long lasting but to avoid if dry/chapped/mature lips.
LIPSTICK is for all lips and available in many shades; offers medium coverage and last longer than glosses and balms.
LIP EXFOLIANT is a cream or a balm enriched with a very small abrasive agent to gently remove dead skin and allow a more effective penetration of lip balms.
LIP SUNSCREEN is usually a waterproof, zinc base lipstick. SPF is indicated as a normal sunscreen.



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