Anti-Acne Face Toner

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SKIN TYPE: Blemished, Acne-prone, Hormonal

SKIN BENEFITS: Anti-bacterial, Healing, Hydrating

USE: Day and Night

  • Naturally antibacterial face toner
  • Balances the skin PH
  • Used regularly helps clearing acne and blemishes
  • Suitable for neck and back as well

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This effective and very practical spray is a 2 in 1 product - an antibacterial and pore minimizing toner and a cooling and hydrating spray. It has been formulated to treat breakouts without adding any harsh botanicals. Our Acne Face Toner helps remove excess oil from the skin while effective essential oils like Tea Tree, Thyme, and Geranium essential oils kill bacteria that feed acne.  The perfect balance between Aloe Vera and Glycerin will help keep your skin from drying out too much. Our secret ingredient? Apple Cider Vinegar, an old remedy that truly clears acne naturally.  After the first application, your skin may slightly sting and become red - not to worry. It's a sign that your skin is reacting to the natural active ingredients of this product. 

Suitable for application anywhere acne persists (neck, back...).

Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Natural Glycerin, Apple Cider Vinegar, Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana), Aloe Vera gel (Aloe barbadensis), Tea Tree Ess. oil (Malaleuca alternifolia), Thyme esse. oil (Tymus vulgaris ct. linalool), May Chang ess. oil (Listea cubeba), Lavender essential oil (Lavendula angustifolia), Geranium essential oil (Pelargonium graveolens), Edelberry extract (Sambucus nigra).

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