Sinus Decongestant - Aromatherapy blend

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A quickly effective blend of essential oils for inhalation to clear blocked nose

wGkjsf2s6mmSlOb_l71TEaBfdmAHJGZSou_VpcT- Effective nose decongestant

wGkjsf2s6mmSlOb_l71TEaBfdmAHJGZSou_VpcT- Helps to relieve pressure headaches

wGkjsf2s6mmSlOb_l71TEaBfdmAHJGZSou_VpcT- Pine and Eucalyptus aroma

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Sinus Decongestant is the perfect blend to support the natural process of decongesting the nose, resolving the inflammation and releasing pressure headaches. Its strong antiseptic properties make it a good preventive blend during winter months. Burn, diffuse or add to hot water to steam inhalation 4-5 drops. Or add 10-20 drops and inhale 3-6 times a day.


Eucalyptus blue gum (Eucalyptus globulos),  Peppermint* (Mentha piperita - organic), Fir Silver* (Abies alba), Pine* (Pinus sylvestris), Lavender spike (Lavandula spica)*, Ravensara (Ravensara aromatica), Cypress (Cupressus sempervierens) - * organic

Diffuse or steam inhale 2-6 drops 2-3 times a time. Use up to 20 drops with a portable inhaler and inhale 3-6 times a day.

For external use only. Not suitable with children younger than 12 years. Use in moderation during pregnancy. Can cause wakefulness; do not use right before bedtime.

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