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Discover our range of pure, wild crafted and certified organic Essential Oils purchased from reputable growers and distillers around the world. From the gentlest Lavender, the most delicate Jasmine, mystical Indian Sandalwood, zesty Lemongrass, fresh Neroli and many more.

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Cypress, thanks to its vaso-constricting properties, is useful in reducing fluid retention and support the circulatory system. In skin care, it reduces puffiness and balances water loss.


Cinnamom bark essential oil is  warming and revitalizing. When diffused it is a powerful antiseptic and stimulant to the respiratory system. When applied topically (at very low dosage as quite a strong oil)  it supports the digestive system and eases spasms.


Rose Otto is a luxurious, uplifting, with an intense aroma essential oil.  Highly active in anti-aging skin care and a wonderful perfumery oil. It's the most expensive widely used essential oil and we offer a 5% dilution with organic Jojoba oil. This dilution in itself is a ready made face oil.


Manuka is a fragrant flowering shrub commonly known as New Zealand's native Tea Tree.  Its essential oil is a powerful disinfectant, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.


Red Pine or Horsetail Pine essential oil is a powerful disinfectant and a great aid to resolve respiratory system issues. This type of Pine has a beautifully refreshing and cleansing citrus aroma.


The sweet, exotic scent of Ylang Ylang is widely used for its soothing yet uplifting and de-stressing properties.  Excellent in skin care when used in small dilutions for mature and combination skin.


Ginger essential oil is warming and it is a great warming alternative to cooling Peppermint with stiff muscles and joints. Perfect for a muscle tension relieving massage blend with chronic stiffness. Eases indigestion and nausea. 


Clove buds essential oil is a strong antiseptic oil for airborne bacteria and can be sued for the skin and gums, although it must be used heavily diluted.


Clary Sage is a very calming and de-stressing oil and helps people suffering from chronic stress or anxiety. It can help ease pre-menstrual tension and cramps. In skin care, it helps with inflamed skin and it is very useful for hormonal skin.


Bergamot is one of our favorite essential oils for its refreshing, uplifting, energizing yet delicate aroma. Is is It is very valuable in skincare for congested skin.  immune supporting, antiseptic and digestive. Useful in skincare and perfumery. Uplifting, anti-depressant, self empowering, supports confidence, aids in self expression.


Patchouli has a very earthy aroma and is a very grounding oil. Very useful in skincare for oily skin.

Showing 25 - 36 of 36 items